"Boys to Men"



Boys to Men, a project initiated by the Phoenix Chorale, aims to promote community-wide access to choral training and development for young male singers. All regional junior and senior high school male choirs and individual male singers from around the state are invited and encouraged to attend this festival. A primary goal of the festival is to encourage young singers to continue singing after their school experiences.


The PHS men will learn three mass choir pieces. Each piece will be lead by a prominent male choral director to offer additional insight and direction. The singers will perform with other high schoolers and professional choristers. 


Schedule for the Day: Saturday, November 4th


10:45         Depart PHS for lunch

11-12:10    Lunch 

12:30-1:00 Singers arrive and find seats

1:00-1:05   Welcome and Warm Up 

1:05-1:40   Song #1 rehearsal

1:40-2:15   Song #2 rehearsal

2:15-2:40    Break

2:45-3:20   Song #3 rehearsal

3:20-3:30    Stage places

3:30-4:00    Run through mass pieces

4:00-4:30    Break before concert begins

4:00            Doors open to the public

4:30            Concert begins

6:00            Concert ends


Parents will pick up their student from the concert at Central High School

Be sure to check out with your parents from Mrs. Paz before you leave for the evening. 


Location: Central High School

What to wear: Khaki/dress pants with a black or dark color polo. 

What to bring: Black binder with music (Boys to Men music only), pencil, water bottle

Tickets: $5 at the door 

Cost: $15 cash or check payable to Rhapsody for music. 

Why sing at Boys to Men?

I liked singing with a lot of people as well as working with the different conductors

Conor L.


My experience at Boys to Men was fantastic. My sight reading skills were greatly improved as well as my love for singing.


Max M.


I really enjoyed Boys to Men because it gives you a chance to sing with other skilled singers and conductors.


Justin T.


I liked the atmosphere of all the guys singing together. The amount of singers made Boys to Men fun

Brett L.


10/10 would sing again! Lovely learning atmosphere! Fantastic clinic!

Karl N.


I thought this was a great opportunity for all participating choirs. I really liked the barber shop song and "The Mermaid" because they are truely manly songs, which is great.

Ethan W.


Boys to Men was fun because not only did I sing with new people, I got to hang out with my friends. I will do it again next year.


Justin S.


I thought Boys to Men was very fun. My favorite part was singing "Driving Me Crazy." I love barbershop songs, especially when I sing them in a large group.

Dan H.


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