Rhapsody 2016-2017 Board of Directors

In today's busy world, many parents want to get involved in PTO's or booster clubs but can't commit to a specific position.  For this reason, Rhapsody's management style reflects this shift in volunteering styles and is governed by a general Board of Directors with a Chairman leading the group and in conjunction with Dr. Jason St. Claire


Of course if a parent wants to oversee a certain area, they are more than welcome.  For everything else, we all work on events together and share the work and responsibility.  That way if a member has a personal emergency and can't volunteer for a month or two, the other members are there to pick up the slack.


Any parent who is able to attend most of the meetings and wants to get involved is welcome to be a general Director.

2016-2017 Board of Directors



 Deb Bant                    Chairman         

 Josee Nightingale      Vice Chairman   

 Risa Maruyama          Treasurer 

 Dena Carlson             Secretary



Dr. Jason St. Claire            Choir Program Director



Areas Supported


  • Volunteers

  • Costumes

  • Photography

  • Publicity

  • Concessions

  • Hospitality

  • Rose Sales

  • Fundrasing

  • Tech Support

  • Ticketing

  • Reserved Seating

  • Programs

  • DVD Sales

  • Stage Decorations

  • Advertising

  • Wish List

  • Retreats/Tours

  • Walk-A-Thon